Author: Kohitij Das

Transforming the way people build, test & deliver software

Deploy spring-boot application on AWS using ElasticBeanstalk, RDS, and Terraform

Continuous deployment is a very crucial part of any Continuous Software Delivery portfolio. The moment we associate the prefix Continuous to any of the software delivery phases, it’s a well taken assumption that the phase should be repeatable, maintainable, scalable and automated. With the emerging adoption of Agile and the need of having a Continuous…
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Setting up one click build, deployment, monitoring, alerting and visualization for your team !!

A few days back in one of my #post, I mentioned that we are currently moving in an era which demands the need of having a one click solution for setting up deployment, monitoring, alerting as well as visualisation for any of the applications that we develop & deliver. Very recently, I was having a conversation…
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