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Automation Ecosystem: Leap towards Continuous Delivery

Most of us today agree, investing in automation testing is a very critical part of the roadmap in any project. Everyone does plan for it right from the very beginning. Even, we at BrioZing share the same ideology and lay our foot down from day one to build an Automation Ecosystem for our client’s products.…
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Google Load Balancer Latency Analysis

Purpose Perform latency test of Google Cloud Load Balancer and check API latency performance across the US region. Approach Configure Google Cloud Load Balancer(GLB) Configure instance groups on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) in different available US regions Configure Virtual Machines(VMs) in above-configured instance group with NGINX server deployment Run latency test from different US regions Configurations…
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Micro-services Testing Strategy (Part 2) — Micro-services Style of Testing

Welcome back to part-2 of micro-services testing strategy. In first part we saw how old style monolithic testing is not going to help find issues faster in micro-services world. In this post we are going to focus on how testing should evolve as product architecture and development practices changes. As we saw in first post…
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Micro-services Testing Strategy (Part 1) — Monolith Style of Testing

Here, discussion is regarding the necessary change of testing strategies when companies are transitioning from monolithic to micro-services architecture. In times when there are thousands of organizations vying for their existence in a competitive world, faster rollouts of a feature in their respective domains are of the utmost priority. To overcome this problem, the adoption…
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